Data Privacy Policy


We respect the fundamental rights of all individuals to the privacy of their personal data, and we commit to the responsible and lawful treatment of all personal data we handle. Moreover, we aim to comply with the requirements of all relevant personal data privacy and protection laws, particularly the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) and its implementing rules and regulations, while upholding our legitimate interests and effectively carrying out our responsibilities as an educational institution.

This Data Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what personal information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. This policy applies to EnScieMa offices, school, websites, apps, and services.

General Provisions

This section contains provisions that apply to you whatever our relationship is. For provisions specific to you, please refer to the corresponding sections below.

Information Collection

We collect your personal information in various forms. These may consist of written records, photographic and video images, digital materials, and even biometric records. Photographic and video images include official documentation of school activities, as well as security recordings taken within school premises/campus.

Unsolicited Information

There may be instances when we receive personal information beyond what we requested. In such cases, we will determine if we can legitimately keep such information. If it is related to any of our legitimate educational or corporate interests, we will treat these in the same manner as all personal information provided to us. If not, we will immediately dispose of the information in a way that will safeguard your privacy or the privacy of the owner, should the information belong to a third party.

Personal Information of Other Individuals

If you supply us with personal data of other individuals, e.g., person/s to notify in case of emergency, parents/guardians, character references, and the like, we will assume that you have obtained the consent of these individuals before providing us with their personal information.

Use of Personal Information for Legal and Other Purposes

We may use and disclose personal information in connection with:

  • legal processes and requests;
  • protecting the rights, property, or personal safety of EnScieMa and its stakeholders;
  • establishing and exercising our legal rights or defending against legal claims; or
  • as otherwise required by law.
Information We Collect and Generate

We collect personal information during the processing of your admission into our schools. These include directory information, like your name, address, email addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact details. We also collect information about your personal circumstances, such as your family history, previous schools attended, academic performance, disciplinary records, medical records, etc.

To facilitate record management, we generate a unique identifier, your student number, for you.

During the course of your stay with us, we collect and generate the following personal information:

  1. Academic Records – curriculum enrolled, academic performance, class attendance records
  2. Co-Curricular Records – internship/OJT records, participation in seminars and study tours
  3. Extra-Curricular Records – membership in school organizations, participation in competitions, programs, and outreach activities
  4. Behavioral Records – disciplinary incidents you may be involved in, including accompanying sanctions
How We Use Your Information

We use your personal information to fulfill our contractual obligation to our stakeholders, fulfill our legal obligations, and pursue our legitimate interests, as an educational institution. These include:

  1. Processing your admission to our schools;
  2. Maintaining student information systems;
  3. Maintaining student records of academic progress, and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities;
  4. Providing services such as health, insurance, counseling, library, and campus safety and security;
  5. Communicating official school announcements;
  6. Processing scholarship applications, grants, and other forms of financial assistance;
  7. Investigating incidents related to student behavior and implementing disciplinary measures;
  8. Establishing and maintaining alumni directories; and
  9. Providing employment assistance to alumni.
How We Share, Disclose, or Transfer Your Information

We share, disclose, or transfer your personal data to other persons or organizations to fulfill our contractual obligation to our stakeholders, fulfill our legal obligations, and pursue our legitimate interests, as an educational institution. These include:

  1. Posting of class lists in school bulletin boards, or other places within the school campus;
  2. Sharing of academic progress, and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with parents/guardians;
  3. Sharing of information to government agencies, e.g., CHED, TESDA, and DepEd, as required by law;
  4. Sharing of information to service providers, e.g., insurance and security, as required by the corresponding service agreements;
  5. Sharing of academic progress, and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with scholarship sponsors;
  6. Posting and publishing of significant achievements/accomplishments;
  7. Sharing of information to potential employers as part of employment assistance; and
  8. Marketing or advertising to promote the school, and its activities and events.
How We Store and Retain Your Information

Personal data in our possession are stored securely in a variety of paper and electronic formats. Access to these personal data is limited to EnScieMa employees for carrying out their contractual duties, and in accordance with the declared purposes for which the personal data were collected.

Unless otherwise provided by law or by institutional policies, we retain relevant personal data indefinitely for historical purposes. Otherwise, the personal data will are securely disposed of after the specified retention period.

Your Rights with Respect to Your Personal Data

We recognize your rights with respect to your personal data as provided by the DPA. Should you decide to exercise any of these, we will consider your action and address the same in accordance with the law.

Changing This Data Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Data Privacy Policy without explicit prior notice. On such occasions, all changes will be posted on our website. You are advised to visit our website from time to time for any changes. Changes are effective immediately upon posting on the website.